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As a small studio, I don't own tons of gear. But what I have is top notch and works great:
(All gear available for rental upon request.)
Neumann KMS 105 (handheld condenser)
(2) Microtech Gefell M930 + stereo bar(condenser)
DPA d:fine Headset Mic (headset condenser)
CAD 95 (handheld condenser)
Sony ECM-MS907 Stereo Mic (mini-plug condenser)
(2) Shure SM58 (handheld dynamic)
NADY HT-12 (wireless handheld - dynamic)
(5) Sound Tech SCM-C50 (handheld dynamic)
Mic Pre: Avalon 737 (mono)  w/ Babyface fast-attack modification
Monitors: Mackie HR824
Pro Tools Rig: (Digi 003 with 8 mic pres)
Pro Tools 2022 (Digi 003 external I/O)
MacBook Pro, 32 GB RAM, OS 12.6, Dual Displays
Plug-Ins: (as the BeCool Spokesmodel, I legitimately own ALL my Plug-ins)
• Waves Platinum Bundle, plus Bass Rider, Vocal Rider, Aural Exciter, CLA Signature, DeBreath, JJP Signature, Maserati Signature
• UAD-1 Powered Card includes LA-2A, 1176, RealVerb, Pultec, Tremolo, etc.
• Antares Auto-Tune, Kantos, Tube, Mic Modeler, AVOX
• McDSP Complete Suite
• Pitch N Time
• VocAlign
• iZotope RX3
• Steven Slate Drums
• SoundReplacer
• D-Fi, D-Fx
• SansAmp PSA-1
• Amplitube
• Reason 3.0.2 (Full Version)
• Ableton Live
• Bomb Factory BF-3A, BF76, Slightly Rude Compressor, Essential Clip Remover
• Cosmonaut Voice
• JOEMEEK SC2 Compressor and VC5 Meequalizer
• moogerfooger Ring Modulator and Analog Delay
• Tel-Ray Variable Delay
• Voce Chorus/Vibrato and Spin
• Pultec EQH-2, EQP-1A, MEQ-5
• Synchronic
• Digidesign Dynamics III
Expert User/Owner of Softwares:
• Logic • Finale • Final Cut Pro • iMovie • iDVD • Toast • Adobe CC: Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Pagemaker / Premier
Mackie 12 X 2
Ashly LX308B 8 Channel Stereo Line Mixer
Headphone Distribution Boxes: Old-school passive, with 8 outputs (individual volume knob on each output) Accepts large 1/4" headphone connectors.
I have 6 of these boxes, and 20 15-foot extension cords for the headphone cables (FEMALE 1/4" TO MALE 1/4")
Stand-Alone Phantom Power Supply: Peavey PS 2C Dual Supply
Multi-Track Recorder Deck: TASCAM DA-88 (I rarely use it but it's here)
Keyboard: K2000 with Orchestral ROM module
GigaSampler with Kirk Hunter's Concert Strings
--> Guitar: Ibanez Acoustic with Elixir Strings
Hand Percussion: Various including Tambourine, Cowbell, Djembe, Castanets, Rainstick, Finger Cymbals, Maracas
In-Ear Monitors: Sennheiser ew 300 IEM
PA: Bose Personalized Amplification System

The unique dispersion pattern of the new Bose® Cylindrical Radiator™ loudspeaker creates an unusually wide sound stage. The band on stage, the fan stuck in the corner, the couple by the bar, nearly everyone experiences each note of the performance.

Mobile Recording:
15" MacBook Pro
Pro Tools Digi003 for multi-track remote recording
8 cable 1/4" snake
SONY Portable Minidisk Recorder MZ-R37 (stereo recorder)
Cassette Deck: (For archival transfers):
Kenwood 101 CT
Auralex acoustic treatment in place:
includes Auralex Bass traps, acoustic ceiling tiles
Skinny Girl Audio | Angela Taylor | Baltimore, MD | 21210 | 410.561.6241 | angelataylorcns@gmail.com