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I am pleased to offer:
Voice Lessons
Flute Lessons
Recording / Pro Tools Lessons
Here at my recording studio in Baltimore, MD (Roland Park)

Lesson Rates are $100/hour.
Currently my best availability is weekdays between 9:30am-3:00pm.
Limited availability on Evenings and Weekends is also available.
Please read the information below carefully, then call Angela Taylor at 410.561.6241.

Voice Lessons:
I specialize in teaching Pop/R&B/Country/Rock voice lessons (Belt/Chest voice) to female singers. I studied Opera at Peabody, and then went on to study Pop Voice with numerous teachers in NYC including Jennifer Hamady, Cari Cole, and Rob LaRocco. Finding a voice teacher requires a personalized fit, and I encourage you to try lessons with a variety of coaches to find one that best suits your style. If you are serious about Belt singing, I am confident I can offer you specialized information that is hard to find in the Baltimore area.

1. All lessons start with vocal exercies in the Belt style doing very specific exercises, which I will also give you an exercise CD for daily practice.

2. We will professionally record a popular song of your choice.

You will need to bring ALL 3 THINGS for every song we do in lesson:
   1) recording on flash drive of the song sung by the original artist (be certain the key matches)
   2) Karaoke recording on flash drive (be certain the key matches)
   3) 2 copies typed lyrics (or, 2 copies Sheet music for the song - be certain the key matches)

There are many great compilation books easily available which have the sheet music and the karaoke CD bound into the the back. For example:
Contemporary Hits Vol. 3 Bk/CD Pro Vocal Series Female Singers
American Idol Ballads & Standards (Songbook & Sing-Along CD)
American Idol Broadway & Movie Songs (Songbook & Sing-Along CD)
The American Idol Audition Book With CD (Paperback)
High School Musical Girls Edition Vol.28 BK/CD
Disney's Best for Female Singers: Pro Vocal Series
Miley Cyrus - Pro Vocal Song Book & Cd for Female Singers Vol.38
More Hannah Montana-Pro Vocal Songbook and Cd for Female Singers Volume 37
Kelly Clarkson Pro Vocal Vol.15 BK/CD (Pro Vocal Series)
Hannah Montana Volume 20 Bk/Cd Disney Pro Vocal
The Teen's Musical Theatre Collection: Young Women's Edition

3. Music theory: if time allows we'll use a book called Singer 1 by Hal Leonard to teach basic concepts of Music Theory.
I have copies for sale here for $8.00, which you can purchase at your first lesson.
Or you can purchase from the Amazon link if you prefer.

I encourage you to record all lessons onto your phone so you can take it home with you.

If you are interested in co-writing / recording your own music I can help you with that also. My songwriting awards include winning the Gold Prize in the MASC Pop Songwriting Contest.

Recording Lessons / Pro Tools Lessons:
I hold a Recording Degree (B.M.) and a Masters Degree in Computer Music (M.M.) from Peabody Conservatory. I now serve on the faculty. I teach Pro Tools privately in my home studio using a Mac computer. You can view my gear list to see the list of plug-ins and equipment I will be using to teach you.

You will need to have your own home studio with Pro Tools LE in order complete your assignments.
Supplies needed in your home studio:
Computer of recent vintage (Mac or PC)
MIDI-capable (piano style) Keyboard
(Depending on your keyboard, may also need MIDI cables)
Pro Tools LE (MBox or similar)
Blank CDs and/or Flash Drive to bring in homework
Later in Semester: Mic, Cable, and Headphones. Decent Speakers.

If you don't own some of these items, consider coming to the first lesson to get advice before you go out and purchase lots of gear. Keep all your receipts and original packaging so you can return mis-purchased items!

Please bring either your complete Pro Tools/Laptop rig with you. Less preferable: bring your files on an external hard drive. Mac-formatted hard drives are preferable, but we can also make it work if you have a PC-formatted drive.

Comfortable using your computer, installing software, creating/playing mp3 files.
Patience to work through various technical problems you will inevitably encounter in your studio.
Internet access is highly recommended so you can search internet forums for tech support when needed. Please note that I am not available to "tech support" you outside of your lessons. Please call Avid or do an internet search for assistance as needed.

Flute Lessons:
I hold a Flute Degree (B.M.) from Peabody Conservatory. I studied with Don Stapleson, Joann Voorhees (Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra), Bonnie Lake (Baltimore Symphony) and Mark Sparks (Baltimore Symphony, St. Louis Symphony).

A typical lesson will start with warmup exercises and scales using the metronome. Next we will work on a "solo" piece of standard flute repertoire. If you are playing in your school's band I would like to work on those songs as well, to help you reach "first chair".

We will start with your current method books and performance songs, and take it from there. I have a large library of method books/sheet music we can refer to. Please bring (or be prepared to buy) a metronome.

I encourage you to record lessons on your phone so you can take it home with you.

Skinny Girl Audio | Angela Taylor | Baltimore, MD | 21210 | 410.561.6241 | angelataylorcns@gmail.com